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Running a business is like being in a constant battle with your competitors. Although it is difficult to keep your advantage over your competitors, we can learn from them as well!


There are several ways to differentiate your business from rest of the competition and it is the only way you can have a sustainable competitive advantage.


Differentiating your business is more than offering a better price or unlimited customer service. By offering what the other competitors do not offer, you can enjoy the demand for your product/service as well as setting a fair price to provide a healthy profit margin.


We can help you offer more value to your customers by clever and not complicated changes in your day-to-day business. 

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Why do I need a business/start-up mentor?


An entrepreneurial mentor and advisor can help you figuring out:


- where to start

- your value proposition (the most important factor in a new idea!)

- opportunity evaluation (if there is a demand for your idea)

- design your business model in a way that you transfer your idea to an opportunity

- provide methods to differentiate your business

- your best business plan

- sustainable revenue streams

- your suitable channels

- how to create a new market

- your key activities for success

- your customer relationship



- help you step by step to your goal

- make connections with investors

- share  lots of personal experience and knowledge

- much more...


Your first session (obligation free) is an information collection session is free of charge. You will find out about different options of payment in that session as well.


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