What is in a Business plan?

If you are thinking about starting a new business, a good Business Plan is an unavoidable part of your preparation.

Once you worked out your business model, you can begin putting together your business plan. Why do you need a Business Plan though? It is like a roadmap before starting a journey. When you transfer your ideas to writing, they can be improved and interacted.


Meanwhile, it is a live document and you should go back to it and refine it as your business grows. Communication with any financial institution will need a proper Business Plan as well.


Understanding of your Business Plan assist you in your everyday business journey, therefore, we'll teach and guide you on each section and step. Even if you already run a business, developing a business plan can be very useful and valuable.


After many years of experience in helping small businesses and start-ups developing their Business Plan, we can offer you the most relevant entrepreneurial plan that can help you reach your goal.


This Business plan will be created bit by bit by both of us. You are the person to learn and choose the best scenario for your future.




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A good business plan consists of the following items and even more. With our help and directions, you develop a business plan which will lead you to success.

What is covered in this Business Plan:


1- Setting realistic Objectives (Goal Setting) and appropriate strategies to achieve them

Goal setting is one of the most important parts of any journey. It must be done in the early stages of business.


2- Market and Industry Research  and  Study

     This section helps you understand the industry, market, customers' trait and wants and needs.   Studying your potential customers and their needs give you the right direction and chance for better decision-making.



3- Identifying your Target Market

     It is crucially important to choose your target market right. You are essentially going to offer a solution to a group of people who are your target market.


4- Studying Market Trends & Competitors

    Using current technologies to stay updated about your industry and business should be part of your everyday plan.  You must analyse your competitors and find out their strengths and weaknesses.



5- Strategies to differentiate your product,/service

      Your business needs to be differentiated in order to be able to conquer the competition. Strategies will be used to find the best idea for your business.


6- Defining your Marketing Mix

   Describing your Product/Service, the Right Price, the most relevant Place and entrepreneurial Promotional activities. This is pretty much the core of a business and what your business is about.



7- Finances

     It is one of the most important parts of a Business Plan. It shows your current state and your future plans. The viability of your business idea can be shown in this section. It is a comprehensive section and needs lots of attention and effort.



8- Operational Plan 

      This section covers the workflow, how to run day-to-day business and the possible scenarios.  It is important to recognise contingencies and be aware of them before starting a new business.