Corporate & executives training program

Senior global business leaders know the future isn't what it used to be. Entrepreneurship and innovation hub in conjunction with Melbourne school of innovation provide the fresh insight and ideas you need to address the modern leadership and innovation challenges ahead.


This 3 or 4-day intensive program is researched and designed by the best professionals in the field and carries with it a lifetime of professional connections and personal transformation. 



The course topics are as below: 



- What's innovation? The principals of creative thinking. How uncertainty leads to innovation



- Leadership for innovation; How leaders can foster the culture of innovation into their organisations. (Workshop and Game)


-  Leveraging the power of social media: How can companies dive into social media and gain a competitive advantage?


- What are the challenges that are currently being faced by global organizations in maintaining gender balance and inclusive leadership?



- Contemporary challenges of 21st-century businesses in a rapidly growing world


- Understanding Value Chain Management to achieve sustainable competitive advantage



- Corporate Social responsibility (CSR) and its impact on organisational overall performance.



- What big corporates can learn from Start-ups and why they are interested in them?

- Design thinking and resolving wicked issues in any business


In addition to above topics, we can organise a manufacturing site visit in Melbourne to help you understand concepts of innovation, value chain, and social media.



Price for a class up to 10 attendees: $2700 after discount  (6 topics) (was $5999)

Price for a class up to 10 attendees: $3200 after discount  (8 topics) (was $6999)

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