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How to write an Entrepreneurial Business Plan

What is a startup?

  • New venture

  • Not a copy of large companies

  • Doesn’t have (much) record of sales

  • Plenty of assumptions

  • Not clear business model

  • Mainly run by one person

What’s the purpose of an Entrepreneurial  Business Plan?

  • To show your business case is valid

  • Your business has potential and it is viable

  • You have solutions for your customers’ problems

  • Your financials make sense and are viable

  • You look professional

Major elements in a Start-up Business Plan

  • Your Start-up overview

  • Market analysis 

  • Marketing Mix

  • Operation Plan 

  • Financial Plan

  • Supporting evidence

Now let's explain each section:

your startup Overview

This section of a business plan gives a general overview to the reader about your company and people, some items are:


  • The nature of product/service (why do customers care about your product/service?)

  • Vision and Mission Statement

  • Qualification and Skill of the owners

  • Legislation and regulations

  • Level of Insurance needed

Marketing section of a Business Plan

  • A very important part of a Business Plan which showing the potential of your proposed business

  • It also shows your understanding of your market

  • Must have the following parts:

 - Market research

     - Marketing Mix

Market Research

You should demonstrate your understanding of the current and future situation of the market.

It must cover the following:

  • Industry overview

  • Competitors (analysis)

  • Your findings from primary and secondary data collection

  • Market trends

  • Target Market

  • Future plan for collecting data and staying updated about the changes

Marketing Mix

This section shows the whole structure of your marketing:

  • -Product

  • -Place

  • -Price

  • -Promotion

Operation plan

An essential part to show your skills and understanding of how to run the proposed business. Including the following:

  • Work flow chart

  • Suppliers

  • Occupational Health and Safety

  • Contingency Plans

  • Record Keeping

Financial plan

Online Teaching

 Certificate III or IV in Entrepreneurship and
New Business

Study Online

Payment plan available

The serious part of the Business Plan

Should include the following:

  • Sales objectives

  • Sales projection (2 years min.)

  • Cashflow

  • Balance Sheet

  • Marketing and Operational Budget

  • Break-even analysis

Supporting Documents

Any documents, evidence or licences you need to prove you are able to run your business successfully. Such as qualifications, permits, driver's licence, council permit etc.

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