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Where to pitch your business idea in Australia?

Number of available investors and angels who are interested putting their cash into a new venture is not as many as other major entrepreneurial countries like United stated and UK. But it doesn't mean we are really behind considering less population and density here.

We all know famous TV shows like Shark Tank and so on, but pitching for investment is not only limited to those kind of commercial programmes. In this list you can find some of the other options if you are looking for a investor.

1- Dolphin Tank: a series started recently and mainly focus on female entrepreneurs. It is kind of a international event however it has been launched for the first time in Australia in Sydney.

Check them out here:

2- Australia Business Angels: in their website, there are two parts; one for the investors and the other for businesses. There are a list of potential investors who are happy to invest in your business if you can convince them that your idea is worth doing!

​Check them out here:

3- H2 Ventures: they are mainly targeting data and technology start-ups in Australia. So, if you are in this field, you may have more chance of getting investment if you approach these guys.

​Check them out here:

4- Optus-innov8: Optus-Innov8 is a collaboration between Optus and SingTel, bringing Series A funding & resources for Australian tech startups.

​Check them out here:

Of course, this list is only for giving you an insight where to look for investment in Australia and you shouldn't limit yourself to this or other list. Attend some networks and meet new people, they might know some individual investors who cannot find in any list anywhere. Stronger business people have stronger network around them!

Originally published on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub Blog

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