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Simple guide for Setting goals for your new business

Updated: May 6, 2022

Setting goals is the very first thing you should do before starting your business. It is like a roadmap you take for success. As it is very unlikely to go to a Holiday without knowing where to go, starting a business without setting the right goals is also a recipe for failure.

First, you need to write down your one clear goal.

What do you want to be in professional and business-wise? What do you want your business to look like in future? It can be like “I want to have a mobile coffee van business in Brisbane”.

Try to avoid being vague and loose ends.

You should be certain about what you want to achieve. You can spend 10 minutes developing your goals, make sure you write them down. Always writing, documenting, and concentrating on the goals (daily, weekly planning) helping you achieve your aims in a good and organised way. Therefore, write your goals down on your notebook or a to-do list; it will help you be more committed to them, and also if you fail to perform or reach that goal, it helps you to understand what went wrong, and how to treat the failure and how to react.

Meanwhile, it can help you make some changes according to the new events in life and your circumstances, and to check the goals not achieved and to remember why, and what are the obstacles.

Write multiple goals, then try to adjust them. Remove whatever is not relevant and combine small ones.

Try to be as precise and specific as possible, you always have a chance to go back and modify them.

It is actually a good and right thing to do because as your business is moving forward, you learn new things and understand the market much better, therefore your objectives can be adjusted accordingly. Think about the number of customers you want to have every week or month. Amount of profit you aim to have after three months of operation. Or perhaps moving to a new office (try to be specific about the place and size) or even employing staff. There are good business objective examples in the Appendices. They can give you good inspiration.

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This article was a temptation to buy the course, I did and I am happy about my decision. thanks heaps!!

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