Dr. Mina Roshan


Mina has completed her Ph.D. in social media business analytics and is currently a data scientist at ANZ bank working on various initiatives such as text mining, descriptive analytics, and predictive analytics. She is also a sessional lecturer at Deakin University teaching business and customer analytics subjects. Mina is a prolific and passionate researcher in the areas of business value creation and social media analytics. She has authored and coauthored journal papers as well as conference papers and has presented her research findings at various conferences and seminars worldwide.

Mr. Nesan Naidoo


Nesan was born and raised in South Africa before migrating to New Zealand and Australia. He has over 25 years’ experience in executive management financial planning, leadership roles and board direction . He has worked with some of the largest blue chip companies in South Africa, New Zealand and Australia and has managed multibillion dollar businesses in Australia during his tenure with three of Australia’s major banks. He is an executive director of two privately owned companies and sits on the board of three not-for-profit organizations in the health, education and financial services sectors. Nesan holds professional certifications in Strategy, Marketing, General Business Management and is now completing the Senior Executive MBA at Melbourne Business School. He was the recipient of the prestigious Abe Bailey Travel scholarship to Europe - awarded for leadership excellence and is listed in the ‘Who’s Who’ of the 50 most influential business leaders in the Indian community in Australia.

Mr. Armin Honarasa


Armin is a leadership and innovation management and development expert, coach and trainer. His number of studies in modern and innovative leadership brought a new perspective into the understanding of leading businesses. He finished his Master degree in Entrepreneurship & Innovation and currently doing MBA to assist him in combining principals of entrepreneurship into corporation environment. He regularly runs educational courses in leadership and innovative thinking as well as being a part-time management trainer and assessor. He founded Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub 3 years ago and now it is one of the largest entrepreneurial communities in Melbourne with more than 4’500 members. He coached several businesses and help them transform from a traditional day-to-day business to a contemporary innovative organisation. He also advocates different thinking, in order to create strategies for developing the innovative business.

Dr. Anton DeWaal


Anton is a Senior Lecturer at RMIT University. He is expert in Design thinking, Product innovation, and Corporate Entrepreneurship. His long and diverse experience in different thinking and research made him one of the top level academics in Melbourne.