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Thu, Jun 25
Online Workshop
Digital marketing setup for small businesses-Beginners step by step guide
Bring your business to the digital world! If you are not digitally available, you're going to miss out on many new prospects.
Tue, Jun 02
WebEx session
How to survive your start-up during Coronavirus. Essential skills and attitudes
Peter Harrington with 30+ years’ experience of starting + growing companies, is going to share his experiences with us via an online event. He is going to explore key issues and benefits from interviews with experts in the past – all with a mind to helping you through the crisis.
Wed, Oct 23
207/673 La Trobe St- Original Campus
Growth Hacking: What does it mean for your business?
Growth hacking is a relatively new field in marketing focused on growth. It started in relation to early-stage startups who need massive growth in a short time on small budgets, but has since then also reached bigger corporate companies.
Thu, Oct 10
Bundoora Campus
La Trobe Post Graduate Expo
Explore the opportunities to expand your knowledge!
Fri, Sep 15
Coming soon
Future of learning and technology
Are you still teaching like early 80s? It is now obvious that the world of training and education has changed dramatically and to be able to cope with the rapid growing world of technology, teachers and trainers need to update themselves with new technological media as it will be unavoidable soon.
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