What is Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub about?

What we work on them in the hub:


- Identifying Opportunities

- Evaluate and Prioritise the Idea

- Create Market Space with No Competition

- Lean Start-up

- Pricing the Product or Service and the Value

- Marketing Plan for Entrepreneurs

- Negotiations Principles for Entrepreneurs

- and Hundreds of must-have information before you start your business…


By being a hub member you will participate in most of above workshop sessions and events . You can also learn in our courses or have one to one mentor sessions. 



Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub is a place to learn and share about start-ups and educate newcomers by our experience. 


When you join the hub, you will be part of a big network of like-minded people with lots of opportunities, courses, brainstorming and focus groups and several educational and fun activities. 


We believe that Start-up and Entrepreneurship journey should be fun with the attitude of helping others as well as getting help.


What's better than working with other people in your Entrepreneurial journey and getting instant feedback on your job rather than working from home alone! In the hub, we have weekly meetings to share our ideas, how we improved it and what is next with a supervision of an expert who leads you to a better and more likely successful way.


In the hub, we are not for people who easily get by or merely to survive, but it is for people who want to make a difference, to create a company that builds a future where customers, employees, shareholders and society win. It is not an easy task but with the right guidance and following the systematic principles of start-ups you will succeed.