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Module 4

Legal aspects & obligations of

starting a business in Australia

Understanding legislation and regulations is extremely important and will save you from lots of troubles in the future.

To start and run a business in Australia, you must follow local, state and federal laws and legislations. You must understand competition and consumer laws and Australian government regularly check whether businesses follow these rules.


The best way to get information for this is to check the ACCC website:

These are some of the items you must read and understand in this website:

- Consumer rights and guarantees

- Complaints and problems

- Advertising & promotion

- Prices, surcharges and receipts

- Contracts and agreements

- Online shopping

- Anti-competitive behaviour 

and many more items provided on this website. There are also consumer protection units in each state. For instance, in Victoria, it is Consumer Affairs Victoria, and for New South Wales it is NSW Fair Trading.

Queensland provides legal aid for consumers. And it is called Consumer Protection in Western Australia.  


However, these are not the only things you should care about. There is a list of items you should do before and during your business in the following files. 


Start by doing what is necessary, then do what's possible, & suddenly you are doing the impossible.

Francis of Assisi

This book explains what you need to know about legislations, contracts, insurance and structure.

This template helps you make a to do list for your legal issue before starting your business

Legal aspects of a small business.PNG

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