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What's the secret recipe to start a new business?

Is there any secret way to be successful?

We all wish there is a secret recipe for all our problems. Like in the Sci-Fi movies, we like to see a drop of a secret ingredient can bring something to life to make an immediate solution for our problems. Although, it is fun to watch in the movies, here is the question: what is the secret recipe to start a business and be successful?

In the regular sessions I run for entrepreneurs and talk about the tools and ways to build their business, I often see disappointment in their faces as they expected to come to a session and someone give them a rapid solution to be on top of the market.

But unfortunately, there is no secret way to do it! You should start working and thinking hard in order to establish a good business model.

The example that occurred recently to me was a young entrepreneur in one of my sessions told me I knew all these that we talked about, and I answered ok, great, but how are you going to use it to structure your business and pricing model?

Just knowing is not going to help you be a successful entrepreneur.

These days we all hear about lean start-up and business model design and developments, but don't forget that all these are only tools. That very same as if you buy lots of tools, it doesn't make a good carpenter, the same is here in start-ups.

You may hear, read or learn all about various tools of business, but at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to sit down and figure out what are you going to do with your business.

Finding your niche is not an easy task. You should develop resilaince and learning capabilities and be prepared to stand up again after each round of failure to do it better than last time. If you think you have all these qualities, then you are ready, just begin your journey!

Originally published on Entrepreneurship and Innovation Hub Blog

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