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Understanding SEO in shortest article that make your website be found on Google!

Updated: May 10, 2022

SEO is one of the hottest topic for every business owner who wants to have a presence in digital world is getting involved with.

And it is fair to say it is one of the things that has been changing a lot since start of its existence. What you learned 10 years ago about search engine optimization is not kind of valid anymore and it is changing again. So, if you think you want to be a SEO Master, you'll have a long journey to go. Despite it is a very big topic and takes a long time to understand all of it, I write two major principals that help your Google ranking a lot.

Let's establish this first that we know Google is a business and a business wants to earn money by providing the best service/product to its customers.

Therefore, what Google wants to show to its customers (people who search things on Google) must be the best quality and relevant. It means that if your website doesn't meet Google quality criteria, it won't be recognised or brought to the first page of Google search (where majority of people found their results!)

So, we want to have a good quality website to satisfy Google, but how can we have that?

If I want to give you a simple answer is Content and content should be utilised in two ways to be Google friendly:

- Quality of your content

- Frequency of your content

As we discussed before, Google wants to provide good and relevant websites to its customers, so if your website doesn't have relevant information or the contents are too old and don't get updated regularly, Google doesn't like to show your website to people and therefore you'll pushed out in search results.

Quality of your content includes the relevance to your business and your whole website, for instance if your business is about pet supplies, but you publish hots news about a non-relevant topic just to get noticed, Google will fine out and will penalise you. Also, Google doesn't like Copy & Paste. If you bring your content from other sources, Google hardly sees it as a valuable content and doesn't help your ranking.

Meanwhile, Google cares about the frequency of your content. The days that your website was just a copy of your print brochure is long gone. It is important that you regularly update and refresh your website, which means that your website is active and dynamic and your information are fresh and applicable.

One good way to meet these requirements is writing and publishing Blogs. Don't forget to add blog to your website and also don't forget to publish regularly. As I said SEO required plenty of detailed tasks and efforts, but publishing contents and updates is a good way to start.

Written by Armin Honarasa; Small business and entrepreneurship Adviser and mentor

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