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Team innovation workshop:

1. What is innovation, divergent thinking practice (Day 1)

This session is about the principals of innovation and its meaning. We will discuss why innovation is important for organisations and where is business innovation is possible. In this session, we will also practice divergent thinking and learn how to think outside our paradigms.



2. Innovative intelligence (read more)

In this session, we will discover different parts of our mind and where we should focus to increase innovative intelligence. We learned and are expected to be analytical in every situation. But in our modern economy, we are facing new problems that we cannot solve by normal analytical intelligence. We will also discover different types of innovations, processes, problem solving, innovation spectrum and D4 model.


3. Innovation process in teams & how to facilitate that

Innovation is not a one-person job. Everyone in the organisation should be involved in this process. Managers, human resources and team leaders should facilitate the innovation by following the structure we will discuss in this session. Innovation is considered a risky action, but by defining the right structure and framework we can reduce the risk dramatically. We will explain four steps innovative thinking and process and how to cultivate innovation leadership.


4. Innovation tools, practical toolkit for all team members

This session is all about practical methods of innovation. We will discuss front-end & Back-end Innovation, where innovation and Six-sigma meet, and also these stages:


a) Define the opportunity

b) Discover the ideas

c) Develop the designs

d) Demonstrate innovation



This session provides you with the tools and techniques you will need in any innovation session with your team and helps you navigate your mind when tackling a problem.




Your business and team members can benefit from this course. We can run sessions in your place of choice. To inquire for more information and course structure please contact us.



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