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Module 6

Branding essentials

Promote your strengths, remind the world why you are special, and why it is special to do business with you.
- Mary Schnack
Fashionable Girls

Branding is your business identity and purpose in life. As a person, you have a personality with interests and desires. It is the same for your business as well; Your business has a personality that people remember and relate to. Branding is the message, image and perceptions customers have about you and it is your job to make them realise them. All your communications, including logo, brand colour, font, theme, tone of voice etc must represent that message and image.

Finding out what your brand cares about sometimes is not easy. By answering the questions in the following document, you will have a much clearer idea of what you want to be perceived as a brand.

Answer these questions to find out what your brand stands for.

branding questions.PNG

Watch this video to find out about the different brand archetypes. Your business brand could fit at least in one of them.

What is your Brand Archetype?

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