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module 3:

How to Select your target market in Australia

Marketing is more than selling and advertising.

As an Entrepreneur, you must find out what problem your potential customers are having?

• How are you going to solve it?
• Are you solving the right problem?



So, we can describe marketing for entrepreneurs as the ability to identify, and satisfy customer needs and wants, while making a profit.

The aim of marketing is:

  • to have the right product or service

  • in the right place

  • at the right time

  • and with the right price

  • and most importantly, communicate, connect, and engage with customers effectively, so they buy it.



To be a successful business, you must solve at least one problem of your customers.

Watch the following videos and read the books. After that, you can fill the persona template and target market analysis.

This video teaches you the concept of target market, its importance, and how to choose your own raget market for your business

Find your suburb-based community profiles to councils across Australia and New Zealand. This video show you how:

Download, read and complete the following books and templates. They are important part of your business strategy and future.

This book gives you an insight about what Australian Market look like

Full details of your target customer can be analysed here in this file

Create your target customer persona via this template

Additional readings:

Slides to help you understand what to look for before starting a business

Short list of whatever you need to know before starting a business in Australia

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