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Module 2
Entrepreneurial  goal setting

Setting the right goals is the first step toward your success.


Brian Tracy says:

"When your goals are clear, you will come up with exactly the right answer at the exactly the right time"

So, spending time on your goal setting and allocating enough time to achieve each of them will increase your chance of success dramatically.

This module includes a video, a book and a template for setting objectives for the 1st year of your business operation.

Watch the video first to see how to prepare for your start-up. Then, download and read the book, it is essentially giving you all the information, concepts and methods of goal setting. 

Don't forget your desires are not valid and reachable until you set them as goals and make a "How to" plan to achieve them.

This video shows you how Marissa started setting goals for her new business in Adelaide.

Watch this Shark Tank pitch to get inspired how your business can grow in a few years!

Goal setting book.PNG

Read this book to learn how to set your goals and objectives

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